Credit Repairs

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Credit Repairs

One-stop Legal Document Services have a highly experienced team that help people to fix their credits and so, enabling more opportunity to be available for their clients in the future.

Our team will work on your behalf with credit repair, credit builder, and multilevel marketing companies to clean up negative marks on your credit report and begin improving your credit.

Credit Repairs

Our credit repair business can help with the following issues on your credit.​

Charge Off

Collectable debt by a reporting firm that will be written off. The debt is only written off if assumed collectable. It's classified as 'bad debt expense' on the statement of income and will be removed from any balance sheet.

Student Loans

This loan helps students pay for books, living expenses, and college tuition. The difference between this loan and other loans is the significantly lower interest rate. The time for repayment is also deferred when the student is still attending school.


A report of someone who checks your credit information. An inquiry is divided into categories: "soft inquiries" occur when your credit is checked for a variety of reasons and "hard inquiries" occur when a business looks at your credit record for the goal of an application. For example, if you apply for a new credit card, a hard inquiry would appear on your credit record and could impact your credit. Anytime you check your credit record, or if it is checked for a marketing purpose, it is a soft inquiry. A soft inquiry does not affect your credit score.


Where you have to pay a certain amount of money to someone who filed a lawsuit of some kind against you. It is court ordered. Judgements are made against you when you lose the lawsuit from a creditor, debt collector, lender, attorney, or some other party. It goes on your credit report and stays there for seven years from the date the lawsuit was filed.


A process in which the lender or their agent takes back any items bought on credit or if pledged as collateral for a loan. The loan is generally from a borrower that has failed to pay their loan payments on time.

Tax Liens

A county, state, or federal government can possess your property if you fail to pay your property taxes or income taxes. It can affect your credit scores and may remain there for seven years.


A shift of past-due and delinquent accounts to a department or collection agency. They have the task to fully or partially recover lent funds.


The worst kind of credit report entries and will likely affect future ability to get loans and credit cards. Foreclosures are legal ways where the bank can possess or mortgage property when the buyer fails to meet his or her contractual obligations. The most common cause is a failure to send payments on time or fail to send any payments. Once you enter foreclosure, it stays on your credit report for up to seven years.

Child Support

A court-ordered type of support where one spouse pays the other who has custody of the children after any separation or divorce.


Ability for people and failing businesses to start fresh and obtain repayment measures based on the assets they have left. It allows businesses to get another chance by paying off debts and satisfying creditors.


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