Mobile Notary

A Mobile Notary is a notary public who travels to the client’s location to provide notarial services. This service is highly convenient, especially for individuals who find it difficult to travel due to health issues, tight schedules, or remote locations. Whether you need a signature witnessed, a document authenticated, or an oath administered, a Mobile Notary brings these essential services directly to your doorstep.

Why Choose One-Stop Legal Document Services LLC?


Our Mobile Notary service eliminates the hassle of commuting. Simply schedule an appointment, and our certified notary will come to your preferred location. This is particularly beneficial for businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, or even your residence.


We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy life. Appointments can be made during evenings, weekends, and even holidays to ensure that you get the notarial services you need when you need them.

Comprehensive Services

One-Stop Legal Document Services LLC provides a wide range of notarial services including:

  • Acknowledgments
  • Jurats
  • Oaths and Affirmations
  • Certified Copies
  • Loan Signings

Expertise and Professionalism

Our team of experienced notaries is fully licensed, insured, and trained to handle a variety of documents with utmost precision and confidentiality. We adhere to all state laws and regulations to provide you with reliable and secure services.

Competitive Pricing

We offer transparent and competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Our goal is to provide high-quality service at an affordable rate, ensuring that everyone has access to essential notarial services.

How It Works

  1. Schedule an Appointment: Contact us to book a time that suits your schedule.
  2. Confirmation: Receive a confirmation with the details of your appointment.
  3. Notary Visit: Our notary arrives at your location to perform the required service.
  4. Completion: Your documents are notarized efficiently and accurately.

Get Started Today!

Experience the convenience of our Mobile Notary service by scheduling an appointment with One-Stop Legal Document Services LLC. Let us bring our expertise and professionalism to you, wherever you are. Ensure your legal documents are handled with care and accuracy – book your appointment today!

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