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Trust & Estate Planning

One-stop Legal Document Services are the right stop when you need a reliable backbone for your trust documentation and estate planning services.

After years of expertise working with trusts and estates, we have a thorough understanding of the laws and complications involved in helping you, fiduciaries, and lawyers with the accounting, taxation, and administration of estates and trusts.

We recognize the sacrifices you make to care for the people dear to you and the desire you have to leave a lasting legacy that will guarantee their ongoing well-being.

We provide specialized trust structures and agreements created to your specifications and the needs of your beneficiaries both now and in the future.

To form and manage trust settlements, transfer trust income to beneficiaries, and manage the trust, we can draft primary and ancillary legal documents. One-stop Legal Document Services has your best interest as a priority.

We also support executors and trustees in creating and reviewing formal (judicial) and information-only fiduciary accountings. We will help with your estate, gift, and charitable tax planning; the creation of estate, gift, and fiduciary income tax returns; the reduction of your estate, gift, and income tax exposure; support you in beneficiary disputes; litigation support for trust and estate matters; and the drafting of wills and trust documents.

Our Services


Our services are to help the lawyers, companies, and the public in general to properly and effectively address their legal challenges.